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The Oasis Books and Buttons reading club is designed to increase student enthusiasm for reading. Here’s how it works: Each child (grades K-2) will receive a reading log. Every time you read to your child, or your child reads at home (not during school hours), you or your child can record the title and number of minutes on a reading log. I encourage you to spend the majority of this time reading with your child so they will receive the maximum benefit of this program. Children reading alone are left without guidance. Please be sure to review pages after reading, to insure your child comprehends the book’s message.

Students should return the completed log at the end of each month no later than the first Friday of the following month. If you choose to read a harder chapter book to your child, simply count the number of minutes you read to them. If your child is participating in the Book It Program, the time they read at home can be counted toward the Books and Buttons. For each 3-hour reading log returned, the student will receive a button.

Turning in reading logs which are inaccurate will not make your child a better reader and will teach them to be dishonest. So please, make sure you verify what your child is reading. Ask them questions about what they have read or listened to, and make sure they understand the book’s message.


April Reading Log 

Due by Friday, May 4, 2018

April Log

The Books and Buttons Reading Club parent information letter that was sent home at the beginning of the year noted, children must turned in 6 out of 8 logs during the 2017-2018 school year to attend the Books and Buttons Reading Club Ice Cream Party and Awards Ceremony scheduled for Thursday, May 17. 2018.

Parent Letter

During the ceremony, children will enjoy an ice cream sundae and be recognized for reaching the goal of 6 out of 8 logs by receiving their lanyard of buttons earned over the year and a Grand Prize Award Button. Children who did not reach this goal will receive their lanyard in the classroom.

Dear Parents, 

Per Messrs. Cann and Fennell, only parents who are volunteering to assist will be able to attend. 

Please allow me to thank you for providing valuable home reading time with your child.   Children emulate what they learn at home and with your support and guidance demonstrating reading as an important part education and life, they will find the love of reading.  

Thank you for participating in this reading incentive program.