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Updated Illness Policy

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School starts August 31st.  Looking for more details?  Our OES Open House page has a lot of important information about our return to school.

8/9/20 Checking Your Instructional Model

If you have access to FOCUS, you can check your child's Instructional Model Selection.  C indicates, Oasis Home Connect (virtual); and F indicates Face to Face instruction.  Kindergarten and families new to our school, or those who do not yet have access to FOCUS, can contact the school to check on their selection.  

View this quick video to see where you can locate this information in FOCUS.  

If the instructional model is not the one you selected, please complete this form.

Updated Supply Lists

We have ammended out supply lists to only reflect what is needed for Quarter 1.  

In Person Instruction

Oasis Home Connect (virtual) Instruction

Amended Calendar

2020-2021 Amended Calendar

A Message from our Nurse...

Click here for information from Nurse Klages on masks hygiene.


You can view all of our newsletter updates here. 

7/24/20 Start Date Delayed - August 31 - Letter From Superintendent Collins

Quarter 1 Instructional Model Survey


Please read the 7/24 letter above from the Superintendent regarding delaying the start date as well as a revision to the mask policy. This letter revises the 7/15/20 Reopening Plan.  If you would like to change the decision you selected for your child, please resubmit this survey below by July 30th.  We will use your most recent survey selection as your final choice.  

If you are not making any changes, no action is required.  

Please complete this survey to CHANGE the model of instruction for your child for Quarter 1.  Complete a survey response for each of your OES children by July 30th.

A Message from the Principal

Instructional Continuity Plan Overview

Please view this message from Ms. Grecsek to learn more about our 2020 Reopening Plan.

7/3/20 Parent Survey

Dear Parents,

If you haven't done so already, please take a moment to fill out the Return to School Parent Survey. We are still in the process of determining what our reopening plan will look like and your input will help us make critical decisions about the best way to reopen in the fall.  You will need to fill out one survey per child if you have children that attend multiple schools. This survey window closes on July 10th. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

6/29/20 Update

From the Superintendent: At our Oasis schools, we are working on providing a virtual option for families who do not feel comfortable sending their children back to school in August.  Our plan will enable students to remain enrolled at Oasis and have an Oasis teacher, but have learning delivered virtually.  Parents will be able to make this choice quarterly.  There will be more information on this plan coming shortly, but it will not require students to go through the district and enroll in Lee Virtual School. Enrolling in Lee Virtual School will result in loss of a seat within our school system

3/24/20 Update

From OES: If you are in need and have not yet picked up a Chromebook, please complete this survey. Also, if you have 4 or more students in our system, you may come for a 2nd device. 
Pick up will be on Wednesday morning (tomorrow) from 8:00 am -10:00 am. 
Remember, you will need your yellow car tag/ID and a pen. Please pull up by the OES office and wait in your car.

Stay well.

3/21/20 Update

From the Clinic


For families who have provided medication and/or medical supplies to the school, clinic staff will be on site at Oasis High School from 9am-12pm on Sunday, March 22nd and Monday, March 23rd. Pick up will be at this location ONLY for all 4 schools within our system regardless of which school your child attends. Parent/Guardian must have a car tag or proper identification to pick up medication. Please bring your own pen to sign out the medication. The procedure will be as follows:

1.Pull up in your vehicle to the front of Oasis High School between the designated hours. Please remain in your vehicle. Do not attempt to park and walk up. Clinic staff will come to you.

2.Have car tag clearly visible in the car window or proper identification ready to be shown to the clinic staff.

3.Verify student's medication when handed over and sign the check out form using your own pen.

4.For those with supplies, please have your trunk open for the clinic staff member to place them for you.

5.Any questions or concerns please e-mail them directly to the RN, Melanie Klages at: [email protected]

6.Stay Well Everyone!

3/21/20 Chromebook Distribution Update

Dear OES Families,

OES Chromebook distribution is tomorrow, Sunday, 3/22/20. If you are in need of a Chromebook, and do not have an OHS sibling or did not receive one from the OMS distribution today, please make sure you complete the survey below.

To help our process, please bring your yellow car tag, ID and a pen.

Enter through the OES gate for Chromebooks.

Enter through the OHS gate for clinic pick up. (see prior message regarding pick up)

Sunday, 3/22 OES

GR. 3-5 A-M 8:00-10:00

GR. 3-5 N-Z 10:30-12:30

GR. K-2 A-M 1:00-3:00

GR. K-2 N-Z 3:30-5:00

Please complete this short survey ASAP, and before coming to pickup a Chromebook.

Please bring your ID (driver's license) car tag, and a pen.

Complete Chromebook Request Survey Here.

We have created this OES Covid 19 page for updates. Please check here for updates.


Stay Safe and Healthy.

3/20/20 Update

All schools will be closed until at least April 15. Please read the latest letter, (Oasis School Closure Letter) from our Superintendent.


Chromebooks will be available for students needing them.  OES will be distributing Chromebooks on Sunday.  Bring your car tag to expedite the process. 

See below for details and the schedule.

If you already have a personal computer, laptop, Chromebook or tablet at home that can be used, you are all set; you are ready to start the online learning process when it begins. Please stay alert for any learning news as it develops, and remember your home device can be a product other than a Chromebook.


Also, if your child attends OES and has a sibling in high school, or you have received a Chromebook from OMS, they should be sharing their school-provided device. The policy is one Chromebook per household; this means there is no need for you to attempt to come and checkout a Chromebook from OES  if you already have a school-provided device in your home for your family.


If your family does need a Chromebook, we will be distributing them from OES this Sunday, March 22nd, at the following times:


GR. 3-5  A-M      8:00-10:00

GR. 3-5  N-Z        10:30-12:30

GR. K-2  A-M      1:00-3:00

GR. K-2  N-Z        3:30-5:00


Please complete this short survey ASAP, and before coming to pickup a Chromebook. 


Please bring your ID (driver’s license) and a pen.   


Also, bring your car tag to expedite the transaction.


Locations serving meals can be found at this link.  Meals will not be served during the scheduled Spring Break week.

Center for Disease Control -

School District of Lee County COVID-19 webpage (please keep in mind that certain information may be different for the charter schools) -

Grab and Go Meal Pick Up

The SDLC Food and Nutrition Services department will be serving a “Grab & Go” breakfast and lunch at selected schools and community sites. The USDA has granted the District the flexibility to provide these meals during a time of unanticipated closure.

Breakfast and lunch will be served together in a single bag. The meals are free for anyone under 18 years of age. Each child must be present at the pick-up location to receive a “Grab & Go” bag. It is expected the meals will be eaten at home, and not the schools where they are picked up. 

The meals will be available for pick-up between from from 9:00am and 11:00am.  

Grab & Go details and Information


Communication from the Superintendent

April 19, 2020

March 31, 2020

March 26, 2020

March 19, 2020

March 14, 2020

March 10, 2020

FLDOE Update