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Oasis Elementary South strongly believes that parent involvement plays a critical role in the growth, development, happiness, and success of a child in school.  We encourage and invite parents to become involved in their child's education. We offer many opportunities for involvement, which can be accomplished in or out of the classroom, at events, or at home.

VOLUNTEERS:  All volunteers must be pre-approved.  Please complete this form to volunteer.  This form replaces the “Gold Form” that was used in prior years. Volunteers are not permitted the first weeks of school.  Reach out to your child's teacher for volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  

Hours Reporting and Tracking:

  • All volunteers must sign in and out at the main office. 
  • You will automatically receive credit for all hours through this check-in system. 
  • You must sign out in order to receive credit for your hours. 
  • If you sign out after the office is closed, you must leave your name badge from sign in with your teacher & write the time you left on it.  They will turn it in so that your check out time can be input manually.