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What Oasis Elementary has to offer:

Oasis offers parents a positive alternative to school choice. We have a private school setting at a public school price. Oasis is a quality school built on the Core Knowledge curriculum. Core Knowledge is a rigorous and challenging curriculum aligned to state standards covering all Core subjects, reading, math, English, social studies, science, and the arts. This curriculum, based on research by E.D. Hirsch, gives students a systematic learning progression for grades K-8. 

Parents are encouraged to be an active participant in their child's education. A 30 hour volunteer requirement, PTO and our School Advisory Committee are but a few ways parents can be involved. This year, we have offered Open House, Curriculum Night, and Parent-Teacher Conferences. Ninety-two percent of our parents attended Open House and 96% attended Parent-Teacher Conferences, a tribute to our parents' commitment to quality education.

Oasis offers children an opportunity to receive a quality education in their community school. Our small class size, quality teachers, and challenging curriculum all go together to create a great learning opportunity for our students.


It is our mission to develop respectful and responsible learners in a safe, positive, and caring learning environment. Oasis Elementary School student uniforms, school security, and our no homework policy show our commitment back to families and the safety of their children.


It is a requirement that each family spend 30 hours of parent involvement time at our school during the year. Research clearly shows that when parents value and support education, the children achieve at a higher rate. We have a multitude of opportunities to become involved, as this school is a family-oriented school with fun activities at school throughout the year.


In each classroom:

  • Student computers
  • 77” Smartboard
  • Digital Document Camera


  • Mobile laptop labs
  • Mobile iPad lab
  • Two 3D printers
  • SMART Response wireless remotes